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about 11


I decided to join the Navy after high school to pay for my education and found myself enlisted on the carrier USS Harry S. Truman. 8 years of solving problems as an IT (information technology) expert was something I really enjoyed.

It wasn’t the computer work. It was the results for people.

I loved helping people solve their problems and protect them from future problems.

I see a problem, recommend a solution to fix it and get to experience the joy through others having their life improved.


I always knew that IT was a means to an end for me as it can be very isolating at times. I needed less computer time and wanted to help more people directly to share in the joy together on a job well done.

That’s when I decided to build my career in the insurance industry, I had a friend who worked at Liberty Mutual that got me my initial interview and before I knew it, I was getting paid to do what I loved, solving problems and protecting others from future problems.

To be honest, the first few years of cutting my teeth and learning how to run my practice were tough. I was financially up and down (aka broke as hell most of the time) while learning my craft and how to manage the stress of finding leads and closing sales. It felt like a never ending hamster wheel and was affecting my sleep, health and relationships.

About 22

It took me just under 4 years to start my own practice. Guajardo Insurance Agency was born and I’d learned the lessons I needed to learn so that my agency avoided the traditional ups and downs of lead flow and sales.

I’d show up to industry events and could see that same look in others' eyes. My peers often struggled just as I did in the beginning with running a practice while always on the hunt for the next lead, the next client, the next problem to solve.

I realized that I had a greater calling than just looking out for the needs of my clients and protecting them from disaster or providing relief once it strikes. I needed to do the very same thing for the industry at large.

I needed to help my peers and protect them by showing them something that took me years to master myself. I needed to save them from the sleepless nights, stress and endless relationship frustrations that ultimately led to my divorce.

I created Fully Covered to do just that. A methodology and system that provides predictable and automated online leads to insurance agents that have a passion for helping people.

Today I’ve been blessed to remarry my loving wife Angelica. We run our business together without the stress of finding the next client or worrying about if there is enough money in the bank to cover our dinner.

I get to protect clients with our Agency and protect my peers through education and systems that took me years to figure out on my own.

If you are an agent struggling to manage it all, maybe you’ll discover in my free training that there is a solution, a better way.